19 July 2017

Graphic novel contest Fnac-Salamandra

The international contest of graphic novel Fnac-Salamandra arrives at its IX edition. If you win the contest you will be awarded with the opportunity to publish your work and 10.000 €.

The contest is promoted by the Fnac and the Salamandra Graphic publishing house. If you want to read the bases, you can download the pdf file here. But I let you here the most important points to take into consideration:
  • The deadline: December, 1st 2017
  • The project should consist in a book proposal with:
    • 16 1st pages finished (colour or black & white)
    • A detailed synopsis of 2 pages maximum
    • Personal information of the author, including its CV.
  • The works should be sent by mail post at Ediciones Salamandra (find the shipping address at the bases)
You should consider that if you win the contests and your work become published, it should have a minimum of 96 pages. So keep this in mind when you plan the history.

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