26 April 2013

Concurso Manga de Norma Comics

(en castellano => mas abajo)

Today I bring you another comic contest. This time is an international contest, but to be honest, I'm not sure if the contributions could be in English (the bases do not specify this point). But participants can have any nationality and age. Anyway, I suppose that the contributions should be in spanish, because the works presented the lastest edition are all Spanish works, and the publishing group is Spanish...

But if you are curious, you can find the rules (in Spanish) by cliking the following image:

click, click, but don't lick

¿A quien le gusta dibujar manga? ¿Y a quien le gustaría ganar un suculento premio con tres zeros en euros por dibujar un señor tomo de manga? Vamos, dadle a este enlace (o a la imagen superior) para ver las bases. Puede participar todo el mundo: tengas la edad que tengas, si vives en este planeta llamado Tierra, ¡puedes participar!

En fin, tenéis hasta el 26 de agosto de 2013 para participar. ¡Mucha suerte!

23 April 2013

A bookmark - Bokmärken

for me sounds funny, because 'gratis' means free in spanish and in catalan XD

 Today is the World Book Day. That's why I bring you a bookmark.

It was a birthday gift for a good friend. We used to go together to Swedish (and German :D) classes. But this was several years ago, and now my Swedish knowledge are near to zero due to lack of practise.

But if you are interested in the text translation, it means something like: "Best wishes for your birthday".

18 April 2013

Anatomical references

Welcome to this brand-new section: "Resources". It sounds useful, isn't it? 8D
Here I'm going to put some resources that I have found on the net and I think they are helpful for you (and also for me... :P ).

So, I start with this web: Posemaniac (I recently discovered it via Minaya's blog on Subcultura). What is it? It's a web where you can find uncountable body images with a lot of postures, like these below...

He, he! She's looking at his butt!

 A characteristic of this site is that the images are in flash, and you can rotate it to see a full view of 360º of the body in each position. I find it really useful!

16 April 2013

Soup Faery

Another old draw (the signature says that is from 2008... O_o ). I was really hungry when I drew it...

08 April 2013

Playing with the wind

I did this illustration this last Easter. My first intention was to use it as the blog background, but I finally decided to keep the actual... for the moment.

03 April 2013

Little boy

It's a little boy painted several years ago... I think that even though the simple style, transmits joy (at least, this was my intention... ).