11 June 2013

La picconatrice pazza

Legend says that if you say three times "Messinian" in front of an outcrop, the Crazy Geologist appears and chases you armed with her pick.

About the picture: It's an avatar (of me) done while I was in a Italian geologic workshop. The joke about the "Messinian" is a geologic joke (don't bully me for it XD). 
Messinian is a geologic stage which had often been mentioned during this course. I ended up tired to hear this word... And then, some weeks later, I started my PhD. About how has the Tyrrhenian evolved during the Messinian.
Now, I'm mentally insane. XD

Ah! And about the tittle: in fact "picconatrice" means "pneumátic pick" in italian (I'm pretty sure about it), and "pazza" means "crazy".

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